Blackboard Cafe: Al and Brittney

1. Who are you?

My name is Al my Wife is Brittney and our 1 year old is Lillian, we own Blackboard Cafe a small brand we started a few years ago. we make sweaters out of our home workshop and sell them in our store here in Redlands CA, Redlands Country Mart and

2. What inspires you?

Blackboard cafe was inspired by vintage motorcycles! i have been a motorcycle and vintage clothing enthusiast most of my life, so when Brittney and i started our company i already knew exactly what i wanted to make. warm, well made, and not over priced, motorcycle sweaters and other items that could be used while riding or working on bikes. vintage photos of the wild men and women from back in the day they always had such awesome style we get most of our designs directly from them.

3. What was the first car/ motorcycle that you were obsessed with?

Brittney's favorite car is a '57 T bird. one day she will have one. her favorite motorcycle was my first Harley a 1970 sportster, we used to ride that thing around town having so much fun. completely obsessed ever since...

4. What is the importance of family to you?

Family is everything! we spend all our time together and couldn't be any happier. both of our parents live in town here and we are constantly over having BBQ'S every week. our business is a family business and our shop is a very family friendly place, there is always moms and babies and dogs and everyone always meeting up at the shop to hang have a coffee and puroose the goods. one of my favorite parts of going to all the car shows and swap meets we go to, is spending time with family and enjoying the beautiful vintage rides and atmosphere.

5. Why do you like making things with your hands?

To me it is a rare thing to find someone who actually makes something themselves these days, not trying to brag or anything but its true! and i don't mind bragging a little... literally 100% of our products are made in the USA. our knitter is in burbank, and we cut and sew all of our stuff in a work shop setup in our house. anyone who has ever made something knows the feeling of satisfaction you get when you make something, so selling a sweater to a customer and then to be tagged in a photo online seeing them happily wearing it feels great.

6. What will you be doing at paradise road?

Firstly having fun! but we plan to bring out a small display that represents Blackboard cafe, some merch for sale and probably a bike or 2 so we can ride around a little bit and be a part of the show.


7. What do you look forward to about paradise road?

I love palm springs and the desert in general. the air just feels so great out there, I'm always dragging the family out to joshua tree or landers to climb/ride dirt bikes, or hit palm springs for some food/ pool hanging. the show sounds awesome, just combining more of our favorite things in a fun weekend.

8. If you died tomorrow what would be the last thing you would do?

Kiss my girls and try and jump the grand canyon on a chopper. thanks guys see you at the show!  PEACE! 




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